Kimberly & Tyler - Engaged

October 03, 2015  •  2 Comments

Every now and then, I get to shoot a couple's engagement session at the place where they will eventually be tying the knot. This is the case for Kimberly & Tyler's session! We headed down to Hamilton, NY to the Appley Center to walk around the beautiful grounds for the afternoon. This brisk early fall day made us happy that we didn't wait one day more to shoot our photos. Kimberly & Tyler dealt with my antics of running around the grounds, and I think the photos were well worth it! Can't wait to see you two on New Years Eve next year! 



Carole Barletta - Mother of the Bride(non-registered)
I am so amazed and happy with these beautiful photos. You truly captured the love and playfulness of Kimberly and Tyler. They are a wonderful match who compliment each other as all couples should. Thank you, George, for using your talents to document this wonderful time in their lives. Can't wait to see all the photos!
Dorothy Pavlot(non-registered)
Very beautiful
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