Meghan & Eric - Married on a Beautiful Day at Emerson Park

November 07, 2015  •  4 Comments

Meghan & Eric are a very energetic couple, and they had the wedding day to match it! I could feel the excitement in the air as I watched both of them get ready in the morning on different floors of their hotel... As soon as Meghan began walking down the aisle at church, the immediate connection between these two was very apparent. After a wonderful ceremony, we all moved to Emerson Park for a killer reception. After some touching speeches and dances, Meghan and Eric were on the dance floor until the very last song. What a time! 



Maggy Reilly(non-registered)
OMG GR8 PICS !!!!!!!!!!!!
meghan ur a model omg
Cynthia M. Daniels(non-registered)
These pictures are fabulous!! Such beautiful memories that will be forever remembered every time they are viewed.
Thank you for making Meghan and Eric's wedding one to remember .. Meg's Mom
Patti Nagle(non-registered)
Incredible pictures of an incredible day!
Jessica Reidy(non-registered)
These are the most beautiful wedding pictures I've ever seen! You guys did an amazing job!
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