Terri & Kenny - Married at the Berry Manor Inn, Rockland, Maine

July 19, 2017  •  3 Comments

I have known Terri & Kenny for almost longer than I can remember - to the point that Kenny & I went to each other's birthday parties in elementary school. We were in the same group of friends in high school and graduated together as well! As life happens, we lost touch for a few years until I received a message from Terri, telling me that her and Kenny had gotten engaged. They were planning a wedding weekend with their closest family and friends at their favorite inn, in Rockland, Maine. I am pretty sure that she never actually asked if I was available or wanted to shoot their wedding - she actually told me the date and that I would be there shooting it!

Of course I said yes, and then took the trip up to Maine! The Inn that they chose, was the most amazing place that I have ever stayed at. Every single detail of the Berry Manor Inn was carefully planned and executed perfectly. In all three beautiful buildings on the property, there are at least two types of fresh pie and vanilla ice cream at any given time. Every day at 7 am, there would be fresh coffee and orange juice on every floor. And the most delicious breakfast that you could imagine began at 8. The owners, Cheryl & Mike, were absolutely amazing hosts, cooks, event coordinators, people herders, bride calmers, etc etc.

Their ceremony took place on the porch of the Inn's main building in front of 30 of their closest family and friends that took the trip to Rockland from all over. Terri & Kenny's guests made their way to the Talbot House (next door) to celebrate the new couple for the entire night. Judging by how late the guests showed up to breakfast the next morning, it is clear that EVERYONE had fun! 



Terri & Kenny's Vendors were: 

Dress: Phia James

Hair & Makeup: Kim Doll

Flowers: The Flower Goddess

Officiant: Greg Dugal

Cake: Sugar Tree Cakes

Caterer: Cafe Miranda 

Venue: The Berry Manor Inn





Brandyn Blunt(non-registered)
Amazing job George. These pictures came out just as good as that whole weekend was spending time with the family and friends. lol however I don't see the pics of Kenny that I took with your camera or my great resting place the night of the wedding hahaha I have recommended you to some of my friends here in Syracuse that are getting married so keep in touch.
Omg Terri and Ken these are AMAZING!!!!! The photographer did an awesome job!!
George your the best!! I can't thank you enough for the amazing pictures! No one else would have been able to get a picture of both sides of the family and everyone is smiling normal!!
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