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Married at Owera Vineyards

August 6, 2022

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Alissa & Ryan - A Beautiful Evening at the Otesaga Alissa & Ryan

A Beautiful Evening at the Otesaga

June 5, 2021

After a year on hold, Alissa & Ryan caught a perfect day to get married! Their patience paid off, and they celebrated a beautiful ceremony of marriage at St. Anthony, St. Agnes church in Utica. Following the ceremony, their family & friends made their way to Cooperstown to enjoy everything that the Otesaga Resort has to offer. June 5th produced some gorgeous weather and a fantastic view for cocktail hour on the veranda, while many guests visited with each other for the first time in a while!


The evening began with their introduction to the reception and a first dance song performed live by Ryan's Father! It was such a heartfelt addition of his talent to their wedding day. The entire evening was an incredible way to honor the beautiful love of these two, and a sparkler send off was the perfect way to close it out.  


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Amber & Michael - A Picturesque Bouckville Wedding Amber & Michael

A Picturesque Bouckville Wedding

May 29, 2021


Whenever it rains on a wedding day, everyone always tells the bride that it is good luck! Well, the weather on Amber and Mike's wedding day wasn't ideal to say the least - especially for an outdoor ceremony and reception. However, what are the odds that the sun would make an appearance as soon as the bridesmaids start walking down the aisle???

The sun coming out set the perfect stage for Amber's father to perform a heartfelt ceremony to join the Bride & Groom! We've all seen unity candle, sand ceremony, and a wine bottle in a box... But have you seen S'MORES during a ceremony!?  What a way to show their unity! 

The rest of Amber & Michael's wedding day was filled with delicious food, tears, laughs, plenty of hugs, and of course -S'Mores! It truly was the perfect wedding day for a perfect couple. Congratulations to you both!! 




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Kathryn & Josh - Married at the end of COVID Kathryn & Josh

Married at the End of COVID

May 15, 2021


Weddings are such a wonderful event in a couple's lives. They're emotional, fun, exciting, and we all love to attend them! With that said, this past year has certainly been difficult for many people; ESPECIALLY brides & grooms who were hoping to celebrate the happiest time of their lives with friends and family.

Kathryn & Josh were one of the many couples that had to put their wedding off again and again, in hopes that the world might open up  and allow them to move forward with their plans. Not only did they catch fantastic weather on their wedding day, but they were also able to bring a wonderful group of family and friends together to honor their marriage in style! This is the first time in over a year that I have personally seen a group of so many genuinely happy people in one place - and it was ALL for Kathryn & Josh! 

Congratulations to both of you, and THANK YOU for bringing joy to your family and friends when they needed it most! 


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Maribeth & Rick - Married at the Avanti Mansion Maribeth & Rick

Married at the Avanti Mansion

November 22, 2019


Maribeth & Rick started their big day in downtown Buffalo, getting  ready just down the hall from each other. Having known Maribeth and her family for probably almost twenty years, it was so nice to be part of her family for the day and getting a front row seat for all of the excitement! After pizza, room service, a few cocktails, and couple of tears, we had a wonderful first look on the breezy streets of Buffalo. Despite the brisk weather, everyone was all about the smiles, kisses, and hugs as their ceremony time grew closer.

As the sun finally started to go down, we made our way to the Avanti Mansion to hang out and relax for a bit before the insanity of all of the guests arrived. For the most part Rick hung out with his guys, and Maribeth hung out with her girls in the epic separate his and hers suites upstairs before they met again for the (second) first time on their wedding day. We enjoyed a wonderful ceremony in front of the fire place, and Maribeth's mother even performed a song for everyone before the two exchanged rings and a huge first kiss! 

You might just notice a theme of numerous books throughout this entire wedding. (Or you might remember that their engagement session was in the Rochester Library!) Maribeth's sneakers are covered in graphics from old card catalogs, and they used card catalog drawers for guests to find their seating assignments. Every table had a different one of Maribeth's favorite books, and all of the flowers were HAND MADE from Harry Potter books by close family and friends. SO AMAZING!

As expected, there were PLENTY of tears during the toasts, and just as many laughs to go along with it. After dinner, almost every guest was on their feet with a smile on their face for the entirety of the reception. My personal favorite, the enormous cheesecake martini bar was a huge hit too! Somehow, glittery face paint even made an appearance during dance time (anyone know where that came from??) 


Maribeth & Rick's Vendors: 

Wedding Dress: Spybaby Bridal

Bridesmaid's Dresses: Bridal Belle

Hair & Makeup: Cortos Salon and Spa

Tuxes: Men's Wearhouse

Limo: Buffalo Limousine

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Avanti Mansion

Officient: Jeremy Fay

DJ: Toy Bros.

Table Decor: Mrs. Kelder’s Cakes

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Niki & Pat - Married at St. Sophia's Niki & Pat

Married at St. Sophia's

October 12, 2019



Congratulations to Niki & Pat! This awesome couple started their day off by getting ready at their reception location - Traditions at the Links, Erie Village. All of the girls crammed themselves in the bridal suite, while the guys had plenty of room to stretch their legs and play some pool before they got ready at the last minute. We kept it traditional, and wouldn't let Pat see Niki until the moment she began walking down the aisle. As expected, there were tears from parents, friends, and a even a few from the married couple to be! Niki and Pat were married during their formal service at St. Sophia's Greek Orthodox Church in Syracuse. 

Now, you might be asking: "this couple seems super serious, did they party at all?". The answer is yes, yes they partied. They had the time of their lives! Throughout the remainder of the evening, Pat showed off all of his dance moves, while Niki made sure that each and every guest knew how much she appreciated that they were such a huge part of their special day! 


Congratulations Niki & Pat, we're so happy for you two!!! 


Niki & Pat's Vendors: 

Wedding Dress: David's Bridal

Bridesmaid's Dresses: New York Bride

Hair: Eastwood Hair Designs

Tuxes: Men's Wearhouse

Flowers: Westcott Florist

Limo: Walkabout Limousine Service

Ceremony Venue: St. Sophia's Greek Orthodox Church

Officient: Rev. Fr. David Smith

Reception Venue: Traditions at the Links, Erie Village

DJ: RMD premier DJ- DJ RYNO- Ryan Dixson

Cake: Mrs. Kelder’s Cakes



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Heidi & Nick - Married at Wysockis Manor Heidi & Nick
Married at Wysockis Manor

September 28, 2019



Congratulations to Heidi & Nick!! These two DEFINITELY like to party, and guess what, so do their friends. What better reason to party than a wedding between two awesome individuals?! Well they roped in a whole bunch of their friends and family to enjoy a whole day of celebration at the venue formerly known as Wysockis in Cicero. We all met at my secret photo spot of Onondaga Lake Park to take part in their first look, and even tossing Nick about 10 feet in the air. After we photographed the wedding party and severely scared Nick, everyone headed to watch these two get hitched. Their ceremony was in Liverpool at Pope John XXI Church and was filled with laugh, smiles, and even some emotional tears (of joy, of course). There was no looking back after their ceremony, and only thing left to do was celebrate a fantastic couple! 



Heidi & Nick's Vendors: 

Wedding Dress: SpyBaby Bridal

Bridesmaid's Dresses: New York Bridal

Hair: Mirage Salon

Makeup: Amanda Schreyer

Tuxes: Giovanni's Tuxedos, LLC

Ceremony Venue: Pope John XXII Roman Catholic Church

Officient: Father Zachary Miller

Sign at Church: Pretty & Crafted

Reception Venue: Wysockis Manor

DJ: Proctor Entertainment & Event Services

Video: Ryan Mackie Photography

Cake: Liverpool Cupcakes




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Renee & Joshua - Married at The Pier Renée & Joshua
Married at the The Pier

August 17, 2019

Renée & Josh are finally married! Congratulations you two! I loved getting to work with these two families for their wedding day - everyone was clearly extremely happy for Renée & Josh. 

Throughout a wedding morning, the fear of rain is often a factor when there is an outdoor ceremony planned. The Paduano's wedding day was absolutely the case on this Saturday afternoon. The day started out with nice weather - the guys were throwing each other in the pool, and the girls were shooting champagne corks across the parking lot. Unfortunately, clouds rolled in and Renée's plan to arrive on the family's heirloom boat was sunk. (Sunk, get it? - boat humor) By some stroke of luck, the skies showed signs of clearing up, a short ten minutes before their ceremony was supposed to begin. All hands on deck was called (more nautical humor) , everyone worked to get an outdoor ceremony set up, and Renée's father rushed home to get the boat and head down the river to pick her up. After all was said and done, Renée & Josh had a beautiful heartwarming outdoor ceremony, complete with her arrival on the family's boat! 

Renée & Josh's ceremony was not the end of the fun, however. Toasts by the best man & maid of honor kicked off the evening, followed by a speech from Renée's father that gave everyone a glimpse into the story of how the two met. Everyone danced the night away at the Pier, followed by an after party - just down the road - Renée & Josh style!



Renée & Josh's Vendors: 

Wedding Dress: Mirror Mirror Inc.

Bridesmaid's Dresses: Rebecca's Bridal Boutique

Hair: Styles by Lauren at Front Row Center Salon (Lauren Weaver)

Makeup: Gina Scammell

Flowers: Lace Leaf Co.

Officient: Conal Brady

Reception Venue: The Pier

DJ: Classy Cat Entertainment

Video: P.S. & Co. 

Cake: Biscotti Cafe

Cookies & Other Desserts: Josh's Grandmother! 



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Jaime & Dan - Married on the St. Lawrence River Jaime & Dan
Married on the St. Lawrence River

June 22, 2019


Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Wager!

Jaime & Dan picked a beautiful June afternoon to get married at the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel, right on the St. Lawrence river in Clayton, NY. The girls started to get ready in the morning at the hotel, in a suite that over looked the ceremony space, and expansive waterway in the 1000 Islands. Before the ceremony began, Jaime and Dan met privately along the side of the hotel, for an intimate first look, before their wedding party and families joined them to share the excitement.  Dan's Father, Albert, performed a heartfelt and emotional ceremony to join these two as one. I must say that he did a fantastic job! 

Immediately following the ceremony, all of the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour on the patio and just inside the ceremony area, before they made their way into the reception space to party it up with Jaime & Dan. Their guests absolutely enjoyed themselves for the rest of the evening!! 


Jaime & Dan's Vendors: 

Wedding Dress: SpyBaby Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Evan Michaels Salon

Tuxes: Men's Warehouse

Ceremony & Reception Venue: 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel

Officient: Albert Wager

DJ: Chris McKay

Cake: Sweets Lorraine


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Jennifer & Brandon - Married at Vernon Downs Jennifer & Brandon
Married at Vernon Downs

June 8, 2019


Congratulations to Jennifer and Brandon Savoy! It was such a pleasure to get to work with their families again after shooting Holly and Travis' wedding a few years ago. Jennifer took so much care in planning their wedding this year. She used some of her favorite Took some of her favorite elements from her sister's wedding and also added many different touches to make the day truly unique.

Brandon and the guys got the day started the right way by completing their hearty breakfast with a shot of Dr McGillicuddy's. I guess they could skip brushing their teeth, right? After waiting plenty of time before driving, Brandon and Travis put on a show for everyone in the road with some pretty impressive burnouts! 

Jennifer & Brandon's beautiful ceremony in the Chapel at The Masonic Home concluded with a picturesque receiving line down the steps of the church on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. After they created their guests, we made a few stops at locations that were significant to Jennifer & Brandon. We ended our travels at Vernon Downs in plenty of time for cocktail hour with all of their guests. Mr. & Mrs. Savoy received a roaring welcome from their guests before tearing up the dance floor for the entire evening.


Jennifer & Brandon's Vendors: 

Wedding Dress: New York bride in Syracuse

Bridesmaid's Dresses: Picker's

Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Ellis styling studio

Tuxes: A Vitullos

Ceremony Venue: Masonic Home Chapel

Officient: Steve Karbosk

Reception Venue: Vernon Downs Resort

DJ: Kenny the Promo Guy

Video: T2 Productions



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Maribeth & Rick - Engaged at the Rochester Library Maribeth & Rick

Engaged in Rochester at the Library


This weekend, I took a ride out to Rochester on a sunny Saturday morning to meet up with Maribeth and Rick. They are  just about done with planning their wedding for this coming November (the greatest month ever). I didn't really realize how much I like to talk when I shoot, until I had to be absolutely silent so we didn't disrupt everyone's concentration! Maribeth and Rick were a blast to work with, even though we couldn't talk! They randomly picked some EXTREMELY interesting books to read, but only from the large print sessions, haha! Despite the bitter cold March wind, I even got them to go outside for a little while at the end of the session. Can't wait for their wedding in November! 



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Brittany & Steve - engaged on a freezing day in CNY Brittany & Steve

Engaged in Syracuse on a Chilly, Windy Day


I was introduced to Brittany a few years ago when I had the pleasure of working with her family for her sister's wedding! Naturally, I was delighted when I found out that her and Steve had decided to get married, and wanted me to be part of their big day! Brittany & Steve are still living down south (lucky them, right?) but are planning on coming home to tie the knot. Even though they have that southern blood now, they still braved the cold and wind on SU hill for their engagement session a few weeks ago. I am sure they have since thawed out, but I know we had some freezing fun that day! Hopefully their wedding day in August will have perfect weather with no snow! 

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Jessica & Nathan - Married at Galaxy Brewing Jess & Nate
Married at Galaxy Brewing

October 6, 2018



What a great way to end my wedding season of 2018! Jess & Nate are such an active couple, with a really fantastic group of friends and family. I first met with them over the summer to walk through their prospective venue and look at some of their favorite locations to shoot portraits in the area. Immediately, I could see what a kind and relaxed couple they were and what a good time we would have on their wedding day! All of their festivities were within a few blocks of each other - From getting ready at the hotel, to their first look on the steps of the scenic courthouse, ceremony on the top floor of the state office building, and finally ending up at Galaxy Brewing! It was an easy walk around town for all of their guests, for a killer tour of the nicest part of Binghamton! 

Oddly enough, this was the first wedding that had been hosted at Galaxy Brewing. I was incredibly impressed with the staff, food, and layout… I hope they do more in the future – any couple would be lucky to have their reception there!

Jess & Nate's Vendors: 

Dresses: Ellen Baxendale

Hair: Julie Tait- Hairtiqu

Makeup: Arielle Campo

Tuxes: Indochine

Flowers: Ye Old Country Florist- Margie and Grant

Ceremony Venue: State Office Building

Officient: Judge Howard Dingman

Reception Venue: Galaxy Brewing Company

DJ: Andy Papaleo

Cake: Michelle Rease

Video: Adam Brockway and Katie Davis


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Holly & Chris - Married at Owera Vineyard Holly & Chris
Married at Owera Vineyards

September 22, 2018



Congratulations to Holly & Chris! They caught a beyond gorgeous day in September to officially become family! We started in Cicero to get ready at Studio 11. Holly & her entourage had their run of the place throughout the entire morning while they had their hair and makeup done. Holly donned her wedding dress before everyone headed over to Sacred Heart Church, just up the road. Holly's daughter, Aubrey, was the perfect flower girl to start off the ceremony, and everything got underway!

Following the ceremony, everyone made their way to the scenic Owera Vineyards in Cazenovia to party the night away! The tent on top of the hill that overlooks the vineyard ended up being the ideal setting for the rest of the evening, especially when the sky lit up to show a gorgeous sunset. My good friends from Classy Cat entertainment spun some hot tunes for the rest of the night and all of Holly & Chris' guests had a blast! 



Holly & Chris' Vendors: 

Dresses: David's Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Studio 11

Tuxes: Men's Wearhouse

Flowers: Linda Walker Floral

Ceremony Venue: Sacred Heart church

Officient: Father Prior and Father Mulligan

Reception Venue: Owera Vineyard

DJ: Classy Cat Entertainment

Cake: Mario's Italian Bakery

Caterer: Coppertop Tavern

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Corinne & John - Married at MKJ Farm Corinne & John
Married at MKJ Farm

September 15, 2018



There are so many different wedding venues in CNY, yet I ended up shooting at MKJ farm two weekends in a row! This weekend, I worked with a pair that I used to be in marching band with years and years ago. It is really amazing to see two people that met and started dating so early in life end up going to get a fantastic education, start a strong professional career, and then tie the knot as their cherry on top! They both traveled around the east coast together, checking multiple schools and cities off their list, before coming back to their hometown for the weekend to get married, right where it all started. 

Corinne & John started with such a nice calm morning of getting ready and hanging out with their respective parties. When they met for the first time, they began with a quiet first look before their guests arrived. John was definitely speechless the first time he turned around and saw his beautiful bride. I was thrilled to see so many family and friends playing a large role in Corinne & John's wedding day! 

Corinne & John's Vendors: 

Dresses: New York Bride

Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Ellis Styling Studio

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Venue: MKJ Farm

Officient: Natasha Homa

DJ: DJ 360 - Jason Hamilton

Cookies: Corinne's Family

Caterer: Limp Lizard

Coordinator: Cassie Shaver - Cassie Coordinates 




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Jennifer & Brandon - Engaged on a Chilly Fall Day Jennifer & Brandon
Engaged on a Chilly Fall Day



When driving to Jennifer & Brandon’s engagement session, I was seriously questioning my life choices. Our goal was to be shooting in some nice fall weather and really capture the leaves changing colors on the trees. What I WASN’T trying to capture, was the sleet and freezing rain that I experienced on the thruway when I was headed to Vernon. Amazingly, we had some big white fluffy snowflakes for the beginning of our session, which I feel like I don’t always get to capture. That freezing rain held off for the remainder of the session, and we got to tour around Brandon’s parents land to see some of his favorite spots! We even had a guy in a red robe photobomb part of the session!

[email protected] (George Jweid Photography) Tue, 11 Dec 2018 23:24:16 GMT
Renee & Josh - Engaged in the Adirondacks Renee & Josh
Engaged in the Adirondacks 



I have gotten to know Renee and Josh as a couple over the last few years, and I am so excited for them to get married! Katie and I took a drive up to the Adirondacks to meet with this lovely couple on a beautiful fall day in October. We had been watching the weather for weeks, and our planned shooting date looked as though it was going to be a washout. As it turned out, we ended up having absolutely incredible weather for the entire time. While it may have been a bit chilly, I think we still were able to capture the fun that these two have together. We’re definitely looking forward to their wedding next year!

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Mary & David - Married at The River Vista Mary & David
Married at River Vista

August 25, 2018



Mary & David traveled up to Fulton on the day of their wedding to get ready with their friends and family. I love when couples get prepared in adjoining rooms - they can hear each other with their respective parties, but not see each other! After a few hours of getting ready, they finally made their way to an emotional first look at the River Vista next door. As his bride-to-be walked up behind him, you could see true emotion in his face! 

Mary's sister, Malorie, was asked to perform the ceremony that would officially unite Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson in front of all of their friends and family. She did an absolutely fantastic job at it! I loved watching Mary & David's children take part in the ceremony as well - it was so nice to see their reaction to their parents' marriage. 


Mary & David's Vendors

Wedding Dress: Spy Baby Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Hair: Ryane Mcgurk 

Makeup: Tina Esposito

Tuxes: Jo's A Bank

Flowers: Wegmans

Officient: Malaire Stockwell

Venue: River Vista Center

DJ: Jim Mcvicker

Cake: Becky Stockwell

Caterer: Carnegie



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Jennifer & Tayler - Engaged in Niagara Falls Jennifer & Tayler

Engaged in Niagara Falls



Jennifer & Tayler are engaged! We took the first weekend of September and headed out to Western NY to meet up with Jennifer & Taylor to shoot their engagement session. They showed me around one of their favorite towns, Lewiston for the evening portion of our shoot. The next morning, we met on the American side of the falls and played "tourist" for a bit, before walking around more of the city for a bit of an urban shoot. Although they're both originally from the CNY Area, they ended up in the suburbs just a bit north of the city of Niagara Falls. They have created a life out there and are now planning to take the plunge and get married next year! 

[email protected] (George Jweid Photography) Tue, 06 Nov 2018 23:01:49 GMT
Krissy & Mike Married at Skaneateles Country Club Krissy & Mike
Married in Skaneateles


Krissy & Mike both have their family roots in the town of Skaneateles - so naturally, they decided to get married in the area they love! Krissy got her day started in house that she grew up in before heading to the family church to meet her groom-to-be. Once they finally exchanged rings, it was time to relax and enjoy the rest of their day as a newly married couple! 

During the cocktail hour, Krissy & Mike boarded a helicopter to do a few fly-bys over the shore of the Skaneateles Country Club to wave to their guests. Because why not arrive in style, right?! The band, Mere Mortals started their reception off right, and continued throughout the rest of the evening. They were so awesome, that Mike even made an appearance on the dance floor to show off his moves! 



Krissy & Mike's Vendors:

Wedding Dress: Spybaby Bridal

Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's Bridal

Hair: Tranquility

Makeup: Co Co & Company Salon

Tuxes: Tuxedo Junction 

Flowers: Sam Rao Florist

Ceremony Venue: St. Mary's of the Lake

Celebrant: Father Louis Vasile

Limo: Big D's Limo

Reception Venue: Skaneateles Country Club

Band: Mere Mortals

Cake: The Cake Shop CNY



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Corinne & John - Engaged! Corinne & John

Engaged in Utica


Corinne & John got married this past weekend!! ... but you'll see those photos soon. To hold you over, here is their awesome engagement session from their visit to Utica over the summer. Enjoy! 



[email protected] (George Jweid Photography) Wed, 19 Sep 2018 15:33:18 GMT
Christina & Mike - Married in Sherrill, the smallest city in NYS Christina & Mike

Married in Sherrill, smallest city in NYS!



As we all know, this summer was an interesting mix of either insanely hot, or pouring rain. Lucky for Christina & Mike, it was going to rain on their wedding day but Mother Nature said otherwise. They actually ended up having a day of absolutely perfect weather to become an official couple.

Before the ceremony,  Christina got ready with her girls by doing hair, nails and makeup in Oneida first, and then headed to her parents' house in Sherril to finish the process. All of this was, you know, girl things.... During that time, Mike got ready with his crew, doing guy thing, of course - shooting guns. It is up to you to decide which was more fun!!! 

Christina and Mike Between the ceremony and reception, everyone take photos. However, not many people stop at their house to see who can shoot their bow closest to the center of the target. Take a look at the photo, it was a CLOSE contest! I think that it is pretty impressive that Christina and Mike can shoot that accurately in their formalwear! 

Mr. & Mrs. Deep chose the newly renovated Delta Hotel by Marriott in downtown Utica to celebrate their union with all of their friends and family all night long. There were some truly impressive updates to the venue that lended very nicely to helping Christina and Mike to really enjoy their night! 





Christina & Mike's Vendors: 

Bridal Gown & Bridesmaid's Dresses: Spy Baby Bridal

Hair: Sassy Expressions

Makeup: Blush Makeup Artistry by Kristen

Flowers: Coriale Flowers

Church: St. Helena's Church

Officient: Fr. William A. Mesmer

Limo: Impressions Limousine

Venue: Delta Hotel by Marriott

DJ: Black Tie Entertainment

Cake: Cafe Canole